Sacred Seal   

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I have created this space of love to be able to help those who are in need of healing, advice and service from my person. I do believe everyone can reach a level of enlightenment but only if this is chosen to by the individual. Free will is a vital fact in each person's life. Freedom to become who we really are. Be able to evolve and grow for the betterment of ourselves and then be able to serve our best the rest of humanity.

I have been experiencing miracles of love, messages of wisdom and seen the purest light ever through my ethereal eyes but mostly feel unlimited love within my heart.

How many times have you asked yourself, the same question, and never got an answer of fulfillment in your heart?

How many times have you felt so empty, you thought there was nothing left in you, and suddenly you stand up and walk again for the endless riddles of this life?

Broken? Sad? Misunderstood? But then unbelievably special, thirsty for justice, untamed feelings

of freedom beyond your own understanding, capable of performing miracles each time you express your word, feel it, act it, conjure it…..

Who do you think you may be? Many times these thoughts captured my attention in the middle of the night, while watching the full moon. Mother moon who graces us all with her sacred presence of endless nurturing.

I keep walking on the path of my life, meeting new emotions that hunt me on purpose to challenge my being. Respect I place on each learning situation, gratitude on each experience, accomplishment on each outcome that makes who I am. But when I feel rewarded by another soul’s love, my shield of light amplifies itself higher; making my own soul grow un ruled, untamed and free. Powerful I become, but mostly powerful we….the shared partnership become!!!

Giving and receiving is the key to the next step of evolution. Is the beginning of your own new era, the era of YOU!

Open not only your heart but your soul entirely to your divine presence within you. Connect to the Source of all, feel the power by opening new doors to yourself, doors free of self doubt chains, that keep you so tie and restricted from becoming who you really are!!!

No more allowing yourself to suffering, no more regrets, no more limitations, no more martyr hood, no more….!!!!!

Oh ! sanctified is your presence when you smile, sacred is your essence when you open your ethereal eyes. I travel through the stars when I hear your voice speaking the language of your own truth. Wisdom is imprinted in each atom of your being. Soaked are your mind, body and soul with the answer of all your doubts……!!!!

My friend come and share a hug, I give you, I offer you freely and unconditionally, no regrets, no fears, no tears, no questions asked, only you, me and the entire universe in one heart, yours, mine, all and Divine!!!!

May your pure light embrace your entire being and let you connect to us all as ONE.
…and remember….every time you grow sad… make the angels cry!

I hope you enjoy this site and I hope to offer my best service to you.

Endless blessings of happiness and love for you!

Gabriela Falcon